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On the banks of Lake Michigan, under a magnificent maple tree, people of all ages gather to enjoy the works of William Shakespeare and more! Join us as some of the finest performing artists across the region come together to share these timeless stories with you. It’s a journey you will remember for years to come.

“A top ten theatrical experience!” (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) Door Shakespeare productions unfold before your eyes. By the end of the evening, when the stars are out and you witness the final bow, you feel as though you have come to know the world around you a little better. Such is the magic of live theatre when performed in an outdoor setting so enchanting that many in attendance come back year after year since Door Shakespeare’s inception in 1995.

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We sat down with Jamey Feshold to learn what it is like to be Fight Captain!Q: What's the most Challenging Aspect?A: The most challenging thing about being Fight Captain is ensuring that I have a strong enough comfort and understanding of the choreography, technique, and intention of the design, that I can help ensure the safety longevity and artistic integrity of the show.Q: Favorite Fight?A: My favorite fight in Three Musketeers would have to be the tavern fight. It takes a lot of elements of stage combat, and a lot of comedic storytelling that I find helps both sell the threat of violence while building in a very clear and consistent levity for the audience to enjoy.Q: Is it dangerous?A: As you get more comfortable you stop being as aware of the safety techniques, so being able to recognize when that is happening and put in those gentle reminders to keep those in your mind is very important.Q: What's the most important thing about being a Fight Captain?A: At the end of the day the most important aspect, I think, of a fight captain is that they are very aware of the broad choreography principles and whether they learned that over the course of the show from the Fight Director, or from a background of fighting and training.Q: Tell us about your experience.A: My stage fight resume is unique, I have some fight heavy shows, like Three Musketeers, and a pirate dinner adventure show. I spent two years in China working at a live-action stunt show while doing film and T.V. stunts in my free time. And thanks to working with Chris Elst, our Fight Director, I've had the ability to train some of the more formal techniques that you will find under the different stage combat organizations across the US.Q: What is your favorite part of job?A: Working with my peers and helping prepare for different fights and stunts is one of my favorite parts of the job. I have been lucky and blessed to learn up until this point, so sharing it is very important to me as well.Read more about Jamey here: doorshakespeare.com/cast-member/jamey-feshold/Get tickets to see his work in The Three Musketeers (just 4 more chances!) here: doorshakespeare.easy-ware-ticketing.com/events ... See MoreSee Less
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